About Kota

Kota (formerly known as Kotah), is a city in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. It is located 240 kilometers (149 mi) south of state capital, Jaipur. Situated on the banks of Chambal River, the city is the trade centre for an area in which millet, wheat, Rice, Pulses, coriander and oilseeds are grown; industries include cotton and oilseed milling, textile weaving, distilling, dairying, manufacture of metal handcrafts, fertilizers, chemicals and engineering equipments. It is also known as the power house of Rajasthan.

Kota is one of the most important cities of Rajasthan province and is included in the top 4 cities of Rajasthan with Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. Kota is often referred to as the Education City as it is widely regarded in whole of the country as the best place for getting coaching’s for Pre Engineering, Pre IIT and Pre Medical. Some famous institutes are Bansal Classes for Pre IIT and Allen Career Institute for Pre Medical. Kota is famous for its distinctive style of painting.

Place of Interest

    •  1.  Chambal Garden
    •  2.  Maharao Madho Singh Museum
    •  3.  Kota Barrage
    •  4.  The Government Museum
    •  5.  Jag Mandir
    •  6.  Godavari Dham Temple
    •  7.  Agamgarh Saheb Gurudwara
    •  8.  Adhar Shila(slanting rock)
    •  9.  Darrah National Park(not yet functional)
      10. Chambal River Ghariyal {Aligator} Reservoir
      • 11. Hadoti Traffic Garden
      • 12. Chambal Garden
      • 13. Tirupati Balaji Temple
      • 14. Khare Ganesha Temple
    15. Haryali & Maheshwari Resorts cum restaurants
    • 16. Godavari Dham Mandir
    • 17. Garh Palace
    • 18. Umed Bhavan Palace (Luxury Hotel)
    • 19. Brijraj Bhavan Palace (Residence of Ex-Darbar)
    • 20. Bheetariya Kund (Picnic Spot)
    • 21. Pahadajhar Mahadev Water Fall
    • 22. Gapernath (beautiful picnic spot alongside chambal)
    • 23. Badoli Temples
    • 24. Jawahar Sagar Dam
    • 25. Karneshwar (Temple)
    • 26. Kala Khet (Picnic spot)
    • 27. Kshar Bagh (Garden)
    • 28. Bhanvarkunj (Chambal waterfall)